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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 28Keith and I loved being together and loved sex with each other. No one ever
handled me the way he did, and no one ever got me as excited as he managed
to get me every time we were together. I'd be sitting in a class and all I
could think about was running my fingers along his hairy stomach, and
licking his hairy thighs before I took his cock in my mouth. He was always
horny, and always willing to oblige. As I put on a few pounds, he seemed
more excited about me, and as he got hairier, I lusted after him all the
more. One afternoon, we were playing around, and I measured his cock for
him. I said I could have sworn it got bigger, and he said it didn't, but
when I measured, he lolita paysite free galleries
was 7.5 inches, and pretty thick across. He said it was
probably the workout I was giving him. The next weekend, we had nothing to
do, so we decided young naked underage lolita
we would have a sex marathon. We wanted to see how many
times he could fuck me in a 24 hour period. Our friends got a kick out of
it, and even started a pool to see who came closest to guessing. We went
8pm Friday night, to 8PM Saturday night. I suggested we pace ourselves, but
Keith wanted to get in as many fucks as possible. We agreed that he would
be the designated top, and I would be the designated bottom. People
considered me a legendary bottom, and therefore the favorite, and I would
outlast Keith. Other guys figured I would be so sore afterwards, I'd fold
while Keith was still able to keep going. Some of the guys wanted ringside
seats since there was money riding on this, and at first we said no, but
then we said they could watch, but couldn't join in, and since this was a
private marathon, there would be no side sex. They could watch and jerk off
but that was it. It was weird and kinky, but also kinda cool. We had 4
seats set up on the sides, and guys came and went, or should I say cummed
and went. We had all seen each other naked in the showers anyway, and had
seen each other having sex in the showers, so it was no big deal having them
sit ringside.I got in bed with Keith, and we started kissing and fondling each other..
We moved to a 69 position and started sucking each other. Then Keith
started fingering my ass and rimming me. He had my ass up in prelolita nude bbs pictures
the air and he
got me good and slippery, and slowly slid his thick cock into me. I could
feel his thick bush caressing my ass cheeks as he slowly moved in and out of
me. We could hear the guys sitting there stroking their cocks. They
watched Keith's hairy ass pump into me. I started to shake as I felt his
hairy body caressing my soft back. He reached around and played with my
tits as he fucked me harder. I squeezed my preteen female form lolita ass around his hard cock as hMy birthday was coming up, and Keith was hinting around that he had a
surprise for me. I had no idea what he had in mind. He loved torturing me
that way. On my birthday, we went down to the cafeteria for lunch, and he
had them bring out a cake, which we shared with our friends at the table.
It was no big deal, but I figured that was all he could afford. We went
back to our room, and we lay on the bed and started kissing, and undressing
each other. I figured my gift was an extra special love making session. As
we kissed, the door to our room opened, and I heard someone come in. Keith
told me to keep my eyes closed, and I felt someone get in bed next to me,
and he was naked. He continued to kiss me as I felt him finger my ass.
Then I realized it wasn't Keith fingering my ass because his hands were on
my chest. I opened my eyes, and there was Kal. His hard black cock
pressing against my ass, and his big hands caressing my cheeks as he kissed
my neck. Keith broke our kiss and said Happy Birthday! He got into a 69
position with me, and sucked me while I sucked him, and Kal worked his cock
into my ass. I was in heaven. I bent my top leg up to give Kal easier
access, and I felt his long thick cock slide into me. I was in heaven. As
Kal thrust deeper and harder into me, I started to shake with excitement, as
Keith sucked me and I took his big cock down my throat. I played with his
hairy ass as I sucked him. I felt Kal tighten up, and he flooded my ass
with his warm cum. He kissed me and said Happy Birthday, and got up,
dressed and left. I told Keith that was great, and he said we weren't
done. He got in a doggie position, and had me fuck him. I ate his ass, and
slid my cock into him. As I was fucking him, I heard the door open, and it
was Sunil. loloita asian teen models He got undressed, and got behind me, caressing me. I felt his
hairy body against my back, and he slid his cock into me as I fucked Keith.
He reached around me and played with my tits as he fucked me. He fucked me
hard, and shot his load in me, and got up, dressed and left. Keith got up
and had me lay on my back. he lifted my legs and slid his cock into me and
fucked me until he too shot his load in my ass. He said Happy Birthday
Baby, and kissed me passionately. He said this was the best gift he could
come up with. I told him it was a great gift. We made love all evening.
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